About the Site

C-SMHAS handsThe C-SMHAS website was created as part of the Community Seniors’ Mental Health and Addiction Services (Community SMHAS) Project – an initiative funded by the Toronto Central LHIN’s (TC LHIN) Aging at Home strategy.

The Community SMHAS Project brought together multiple stakeholders from across the continuum of mental health and addiction care for seniors.  It is thanks to their invaluable insights, knowledge, and participation in the project’s committees and working groups, and their passion for and commitment to seniors’ mental health and addiction, that has enabled the project to build and strengthen the foundation for psychogeriatric services.

Both the project and website focuses on community, specialized psychogeriatric resources available to seniors, aged 65 and over, living in the TC LHIN (see criteria below). 

The C-SMHAS website will help build awareness of and increase access to these specialized services.  Visitors to the website can find the nearest specialized psychogeriatric service provider for their TC LHIN postal code for the following service types (see Service Definitions):

  • Crisis Services
  • Specialized Case Management
  • Specialized Outpatient
  • Specialized Outreach

In addition, the C-SMHAS website provides information on TC LHIN service providers and resources that…
A. Complement / support specialized psychogeriatric services:

  • Community Support Service providers
  • Supportive Housing
  • Toronto Police Services

B. Are relevant to the C-SMHAS continuum of care:

  • Directories / Databases
  • Educational Resources
  • Guidelines, Information and Knowledge Exchanges

C. Are C-SMHAS-related initiatives and other initiatives under the SMHAS umbrella:

  • Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Teams and the Long-Term Care Homes in the Toronto Region where they provide services.

Criteria Used for Identifying Service Providers for C-SMHAS

The criteria listed below were used in determining which service providers or organizations to include or exclude in the listings for Specialized Psychogeriatric Service Providers, Community Support Service Providers, and Supportive Housing:

  1. The service provider or organization serves seniors who are age 65 and over.
  2. The service provider or organization serves clients in the TC-LHIN but is not necessarily geographically located within the TC-LHIN boundaries.
  3. The service provider or organization is a non-profit.
  4. The service provider or organization provides one or more services as defined in the C-SMHAS Project's Common Service Definitions.
  5. The service provider or organization is a Community Health Centre (CHC) or Family Health Team (FHT).
  6. The service provider is a hospital-based program but is not one of the Geriatric Emergency Management (GEM) or Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams and is not an LTCH-only service provider.