Notes and Disclaimer

The C-SMHAS website was created as part of the Community Seniors’ Mental Health and Addiction Services (Community SMHAS) project – an initiative funded by the Toronto Central LHIN’s (TC LHIN) Aging at Home strategy.  The goal of this site is to build awareness of and increase access to community, specialized psychogeriatric services available to seniors, aged 65 and over, living in the TC LHIN. 

Information on this site may not reflect ongoing changes in the seniors’ mental health and addiction community.  The site should not be assumed to be error-free, and users should not rely exclusively on the information provided here.

  • The information about each organization in the service provider lists was gathered through various public sources, e.g., websites and databases, and may not reflect the latest updates and/or all service providers that fit the C-SMHAS project’s service definitions and criteria.  We welcome suggestions for additions and corrections.
  • The information on the individual service provider maps has been validated by each organization; the maps are accurate as of December 2008.  Since new maps are not being created, maps will not be available for those organizations that have contacted us with subsequent changes to their catchment area.
  • The postal code look-up is primarily based on the individually mapped catchment areas and catchment area boundaries provided by service providers added in November 2009 and beyond.
  • We will remove from the service provider lists, any organization that requests its own removal. 
  • Inclusion of an organization on this site does not imply an endorsement by the C-SMHAS project, nor does absence of an organization indicate a lack of endorsement.
  • This site contains hyperlinks to other websites. We cannot assume responsibility for the information contained in those sites.
  • We cannot accept liability for any damage of any kind caused by access to our website, for viruses that may infect computers or other property as a result of using our website, or for unavailability of the website.
  • The information on this website may be freely used, with attribution to the Toronto Central LHIN sponsored Community SMHAS Project. Copying the entire website or database is not permitted without authorization.

We welcome any and all comments about the website. Contact us at [email protected].  Information communicated to us about this site or the information in it will be treated as non-confidential.