Toronto Police Services — Community Relations Officers

Toronto Police ServicesIn this section of the website, you can find information on the Toronto Police Services (TPS) divisions, e.g., division location and its boundaries, and the contact number for each TPS Community Relations Officer.  The TPS are a key part of the continuum of care for seniors with mental health and addiction issues. 

You can also find out more by going to the TPS website:

11 Division

209 Mavety St., Toronto, ON , M6P 2M1  
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-1108

11 Division Boundaries:
West-Humber River
North-Canadian Pacific Railway line
East-Canadian National Railway line, Lansdowne Ave., Queen St. W, Jameson Ave.
South-Toronto shoreline 

12 Division

200 Trethewey Dr., Toronto, ON , M6M 5E6
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-1208 

12 Division Boundaries:
West-Humber River
North-Lawrence Ave. W
East-Canadian National Railway line
South-Canadian Pacific Railway line 

13 Division

1435 Eglinton Av. W., Toronto, ON , M6C 3Z4
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-1308

13 Division Boundaries:
West-Canadian National Railway line
North-Lawrence Ave. W
East-Bathurst St., Eglinton Ave. W, Spadina Rd.
South-Canadian Pacific Railway line 

14 Division

150 Harrison St., Toronto, ON , M6J 2A4
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-1508

14 Division Boundaries:
West-Jameson Ave., Queen St.W, Lansdowne Ave., Canadian National Railway line
North-Canadian Pacific Railway line
East-Spadina Ave., Lower Spadina Ave.
South-Toronto shoreline 

22 Division

3699 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON , M9A 1A2
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-2251

22 Division Boundaries:
West-Etobicoke Limit, Lakeshore Blvd. W, Etobicoke Creek
North-Eglinton Ave. W
East-Humber River
South-Etobicoke shoreline

23 Division

5230 Finch Ave. West, Toronto, ON , M9V 0A1 
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-2381 

23 Division Boundaries:
West-Etobicoke limit, Renforth Dr., Etobicoke limit, Highway 427, Etobicoke limit, Indian Line, Etobicoke limit, Albion Rd.
North-Steeles Ave. W, Etobicoke limit
East-Humber River
South-Eglinton Ave. W 

31 Division

40 Norfinch Dr., Toronto, ON , M3N 1X1 
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-3108

31 Division Boundaries:
West-Humber River
North-Etobicoke limit, Steeles Ave. W
East-Canadian National Railway line
South-Lawrence Ave. W 

32 Division

30 Ellerslie Av., Toronto, ON , M2N 1X8
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-3208

32 Division Boundaries:
West-Canadian National Railway line
North-Steeles Ave. W/Steeles Ave. E
East-Bayview Ave.
South-Lawrence Ave. E/Lawrence Ave. W

33 Division

50 Upjohn Rd., Toronto, ON , M3B 2W1
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-3325

33 Division Boundaries:
West-Bayview Ave.
North-Steeles Ave. E
East-Victoria Park Ave.
South-Eglinton Ave. E, Don River 

41 Division

2222 Eglinton Av. E., Toronto, ON , M1K 2M2 
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-4108

41 Division Boundaries:
West-Nursewood Rd., Victoria Park Ave.
North-Highway 401
East-Brimley Rd., Brimley Rd. S
South-Scarborough shoreline 

42 Division

242 Milner Av. E., Toronto, ON , M1S 5C4
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-4296

42 Division Boundaries:
West-Victoria Park Ave.
North-Steeles Ave. E
East-Pickering Town Line, Scarborough limit, Little Rouge River, Rouge River
South-Highway 401 

43 Division

4331 Lawrence Ave. E, Toronto, ON , M1E 2T4
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-4321 

43 Division Boundaries:
West-Brimley Rd. S, Brimley Rd.
North-Highway 401
East-Rouge River
South-Scarborough shoreline

51 Division

51 Parliament St., Toronto, ON , M5A 2Y5
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-5108

51 Division Boundaries:
West-Yonge St., Dundas Sq., Victoria St., Dundas St. E, Yonge St.
North-Bloor St. E, Prince Edward Viaduct
East-Don River, Lakeshore Blvd. E, Don Roadway
South-Toronto shoreline 

52 Division

255 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON , M5T 2W5
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-5291

52 Division Boundaries:
West-Lower Spadina Ave., Spadina Ave.
North-Bloor St. W
East-Yonge St., Dundas St. E, Victoria St., Dundas Sq., Yonge St.
South-Toronto shoreline 

53 Division

75 Eglinton Av. W., Toronto, ON , M4R 2G9 
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-5308

53 Division Boundaries:
West-Spadina Rd., Eglinton Ave. W, Bathurst St.
North-Lawrence Ave W/Lawrence Ave. E, Bayview Ave.
East-Don River west branch, Canadian National Railway line, Canadian Pacific Railway line, Don River
South-Prince Edward Viaduct, Bloor St. E/Bloor St. W 

54 Division

41 Cranfield Rd., Toronto, ON , M4B 3H6
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-5408

54 Division Boundaries:
West-Don River, Canadian Pacific Railway line, Canadian National Railway line, Don River west branch
North-Eglinton Ave. E
East-Victoria Park Ave.
South-Danforth Ave., Prince Edward Viaduct 

55 Division

101 Coxwell Av., Toronto, ON , M4L 3B3
Community Relations Officer: 416-808-5508

55 Division Boundaries:
West-Don Roadway, Lakeshore Blvd. E, Don River
North-Prince Edward Viaduct, Danforth Ave.
East-Victoria Park Ave., Nursewood Rd.
South-Toronto shoreline