Create a Bohemian Bedroom Atmosphere


Bohemian bedroom – Maybe more accustomed to identify the boho style with the wicker armchair and the plants in the living room. But we may not have thought of him to decorate our bedroom. The romantic and eclectic air of bohemian style makes it an ideal option to decorate a bedroom. Textiles superimposed and printed with saturated and neutral colors, velvet, carpets with ethnic design and the Indian luminaries are some of its main features.

In a room there is no furniture more important, or more shocking, than the bed. In the bohemian bedroom style we need a rustic and natural low bed. Or even put the mattress directly on the floor. The natural is paramount in the bohemian style. So if our room borders on the garden we will let it look good through the windows. Here it is achieved by knotting the curtains so that they show the outside well.

Wood is the raw material that should not be missing in a boho room. From a simple bedside table to a bed made with pallets is one example. Another essential element in the Bohemian style is color. The more the better but always looking for certain coherence. But not only color lives the bohemian style, the texture also has its part in bohemian bedroom atmosphere. Long-haired carpets, knitted bedspreads, everything except plain and bland textiles can be the furniture.Bed room atmospere,

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