How To Design Princess Bedroom Set


Every little girl wants to be a princess so what better way to make your daughter feel like one than giving her a princess bedroom set of her own? Despite what many of the home decorating shows can tell you, you can decorate your child’s room and remain within your budget. Here are some tips on how to create a princess-themed bedroom for your little girl, and do not spend a fortune in the process.

Instructions to design princess bedroom set, first paint walls a rich, royal color. Purple, Burgundy, green or other deep colors are perfect. Next use cardboard or plastic to make stencils crowns, wands or castles. Use contrasting paint paints with these to make a decorative table, either the ceiling line or on just above the wall horizontal center. If you’re really ambitious or creative, imagine painting a castle scene on a wall or add the child’s name in a rolling, royal script. Use a gold metallic paint marker for accents or smart deals around the room.

Remember that princesses love their beds of princess bedroom set to fancy. If you do not have a four-poster bed for the princess, you can make an over-the-bed canopy very easy. Get some rubber snake and bend it into a circle around two feet above. Using Philadelphia’s string, hang the circle from a hook in the ceiling. Next, take more measurements of the material itself and dragging it around the circle, one and the other so that it hangs down the bed. Attach the ends of pure fabric to the headboard or the wall so the princess does not get tangled up in her canopy while she is asleep.

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