Rustic Style Small Bedroom Chairs


Small bedroom chairs – Perhaps you inherited a bedroom with incompatible chairs, or found some big wooden chairs at a flea market that was a bit scratched or scratched. With a little effort and some emulsion paint it is easy to transform wooden chairs from gray to flab and make them look new. Emulsion paints are water-based with acrylic or vinyl plastics added to make them harder than traditional colors.

Gently slip all wooden surfaces in the small bedroom chairs. Doing this will allow the color to attach better to the wood. You do not completely remove the paint or finish that was previously applied to the chair. If there is only a clear coat of paint on the chair, fine sandpaper should do the job because you only want to roughen the surface so that the color gets caught better. If you need to remove peels paint by the previous owner, use the sandpaper media. Wipe the paint or wood dust from the chair by grinding with a clean, dry cloth.

Paint undercoat white emulsion paint on the chair. Turn the chair over and paint the underside first. Do not glow on color but stroke on smoothly. Once you have covered the underside, turn the chair back over so it stands on your legs and starts at the top and work down smoothly. You may need to use a smaller brush if there are nice details on the small bedroom chairs. Allow the paint to dry. Drying times vary depending on wood and weather. Check your color for calculated drying times.

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